About Atty

about atty

Hi, I am Atty and this blog, Moon and Lavender, is an extension of myself. What I love, what I do, what interests me, and what benefits me, maybe over time I can also write what doesn’t benefit me but expect to read more about positives here. There are certain things that excite me beyond measure, say essential oils, meditation, mantras, or to sum it all up artful, aromatic, and mindful living. I am going to write everything here. So if you choose to follow my blog, expect a lot of reads on natural and sustainable living, essential oils and crystals, yoga and meditation, home decor and cooking, and a lot of my personal stories. 

How I become Atty?

Ha Ha. Given the complexity of the pronunciation of ‘Atreyee’ and fed up with being called by every possible variation of my name but “Aa-tray-ee”, I chose to go Atty. And soon became popular by it among friends and family. So yes, Atty rocks.

My qualifications

So, my full name is Atreyee Metay and I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, content writer & digital marketer by profession and a blogger by passion. I am an English graduate and studied Journalism and Media in post-graduation. I started my career as a media person and after a few years stopped working after childbirth. When I decided to resume working, I had already lost all interest in the media. Instead, I started freelancing as a content writer as it allowed me to study a medley of subjects. Gradually I secured a full-time job in content writing and learned more in-depth about digital marketing and content creation. As of now, I am doing digital marketing and content writing for over six years.

Philosophy of my Life

That’s a very resume-y way of telling about myself. Now let me tell in a different way. Me, Atty, has never as such planned my life ever. However, that doesn’t mean that all these years I have lived just by accident, instead, I took life as it came to me. The two principles which I follow so generously in life are:

“Excessive compromising with wishes and urges is not a healthy way of leading life.”

“One who keeps faith in Almighty, gets their life sorted comparatively easier.”

The two things were taught to me very early in my life by my grandma and though at that young age I didn’t quite understand the depth in them, I simply started following them. After all, working as per wish and keeping faith is nothing rocket science, isn’t it? And especially for a kid. Working contrary to wish and mistrust is something that life teaches as we grow up. 

I passed my 12th with Science and chose Literature for graduation just because I love to read, read stories and stories of English life. After graduation, instead of going for higher studies with English, I decided to do a professional course because all of the sudden I felt it is important to do a job and pretty early. When my child came into my life, I felt I can’t miss out on a moment with this little cherubin and my job can take a backseat now.

When cherubin grew up a bit and I started getting some free time, I joined the job back again but this time I decided to venture into something more interesting. Yes, you must be thinking that’s a whimsical way of living life, maybe it is. But oh boy, the pleasure it gave me. And I believe it’s my faith and grace of Almighty that I am able to do what I wished for when I wished to. I am neverendingly grateful to God for that. 

Turning point in my life

However, life can’t always be this hunky-dory, isn’t it? Ha ha. No it is not and it has not been for Atty as well. My biggest setback came in the year 2018 when I fell prey to Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD. GAD is a mental disorder (not illness) and a medical condition. And what I realized from my experience it can be somewhat a side effect of the urban lifestyle. Though I truely believe that anybody can get into the condition and it’s perfectly OK to be. Also please know that it is treatable and manageable.

Anyways, that was the time when I started feeling that perhaps my luck ran out. Little did I know that it’s rather the time of my awakening. Somewhere I read, “Depression is the call of your soul” and I can’t agree more with it. For the first time, I started looking at life with more mindfulness. The phase, on one hand, was the most frightful and dark period of my life and on the other, the most enlightening one where I learned a lot about the meaning of life and met some of the best people I am acquainted with within this life. Every day since then comes to me with a new light, new hope, new awakening, new gratefulness. I promise to write about it all in Moon and Lavender.

To end this, one thing I want to tell you here is that if you are suffering from a mental disorder, please know that you aren’t alone and it is as normal as having any other lifestyle disorders like diabetes or hypertension. Obviously it is not good for your emotional and physical health, but it is treatable and manageable. Please seek help.

Love you. Stay healthy, stay happy, be grateful.


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